What To Do In Case of Data Breach
October 18, 2023

A data breach is a nasty security violation that can negatively impact your business and your life. Private individuals, companies (big and small), and governments are not immune to this malicious attack.

 If your sensitive information is stored on a computer, hackers almost always find a way to break through your computer’s defenses through several pathways like the internet, text messages, public WIFI’s, Bluetooth, etc. Hackers usually take advantage of people’s poor understanding, so read on to find out what to do when you experience a data breach.

What is a Data Breach? 

A data breach is a security infringement where sensitive information is stolen from a computer system without the approval or authorization of the owner. A data breach is one of the worst cyber-attacks that millions of people constantly suffer for. 

These stolen data usually involve confidential and sensitive personal information, including but not limited to credit card details, personal data, etc.

What Causes a Data Breach?

There isn’t a clear-cut cause for data breaches. There are various reasons a data breach can occur; below are a few.

Application vulnerabilities

An unpatched vulnerability is the most common cause of data breaches in an application or software. When exposure is cited and fixed, the software provider releases a patch quickly applied to the software by its users.


You must apply the patch immediately because hackers – now aware of the vulnerability- will quickly seek users still exposed to the threat. These patches come in the form of an app update on your phone, and you must accept these data patches to increase your security and ensure that your devices and software run smoothly. 


Phishing is a kind of online fraud where hackers trick people into providing sensitive and personal information by pretending to be a trustworthy or familiar source. Hackers usually look out for information such as passwords and credit card details. It is mainly done through email, social media platforms, or malicious websites. 

Data on transit 

Data that has not been encrypted can get intercepted while moving within a network. You must ensure important data has end-to-end encryption to be completely safe from malicious attacks.

Weak Passwords

Cybersecurity experts always advise that users use strong passwords to prevent hackers from quickly gaining access to their system by guessing. A good sample of a strong password combines words with varying cases and numbers.

What Should You Do When You Have a Data Breach?

When you suspect your system security has been breached, you should change your passwords immediately to prevent further theft of your sensitive information. The impact of a data leak can permanently affect your reputation and finances, whether you’re a private user, a business, or a government agency. 

It would be best if you always avoided malicious cyber attackers, and Virtually Managed IT Solutions can help you with that. We are a professional IT support service that can help you build a strong defense system for your systems and help identify and outline possible issues and risks.

We provide various services, including cyber security services, backups, and Disaster Recovery services to ensure you are completely protected from any cyber-attacks.

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