Edge Computing
Bring mission-critical data right to the Edge, securely and in real time. Find how we can help.

Most enterprises have multiple systems scattered across a disparate network topography – The Cloud, SaaS, on-premise, and 3rd party data centers. If you need real-time data to complete mission-critical tasks that keep your company profitable and safe, then it’s time to tie all these systems together, Virtually, using Edge Computing technology.

"VMIT's" has the solutions and partners to deliver in the main areas of Edge Computing.

CDN: Content Delivery Networks

Deliver safe, instant data of all media types with close to zero, sub-second latency from multiple systems across a disparate landscape.

AI Machine Learning

Big data analysis requires real-time access to all your company’s data instantaneously, no matter the location in that disparate network topography.

IOT: Internet Of Things

Data is being collected all across the organization, from factory lines, building automation, and machines in the field. Alerts and decisions need to made with the best information at hand. When it comes to IOT, it’s a whole new level of network complexity.

Security & Compliance

We help fortify your digital infrastructure, ensuring secure data transmission across networks, and maintaining compliance with industry standards. Achieve mission-critical objectives while keeping your data safe and compliant.

Affordable Tech Support

Get top-notch IT solutions without burning a hole in your pocket. Boost your bottom-line with our cost-effective services.

Innovative Technology

Cutting-Edge Tech Support. Master the latest technology trends with our innovative solutions. Stay ahead of the curve and outsmart your competition.

Industry Expertise

Expert IT Support for Your Industry. Benefit from our specialized IT services, tailored for diverse industries like Real Estate, Finance or Manufacturing.


Align your IT support with your growth journey. Our scalable solutions evolve with your business, maximizing your investment value.

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Let Virtually Managed take care of the heavy lifting so you can have more time managing your business. We can assist you with Digital Strategy, Managed Services, Security, and Edge Computing services.

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