Mistakes To Avoid While Testing a New Software
October 18, 2023

Software testing examines and verifies that a software application does what it is programmed to do. It ensures that the product outcome matches the expected results. 

After spending months or weeks building software, it is only essential to check for missed flaws or defects. 

The main aim of software testing is to deliver top-notch products and ensure that the product can handle the operations it was programmed to perform.

Common Mistakes You Can Make While Testing Software

Although the process of software testing is about detecting mistakes and flaws, software testers are not above making mistakes. Below are a couple of mistakes made in software testing and the ways to avoid these mistakes.

Commencing Without a Proper Testing Plan

If you are a newbie tester, you may not realize that testing consists of different activities, including functional testing, load testing, security, and performance testing, and much more. 

An excellent way to avoid this mistake is to understand the scope of testing. It would help to define a testing strategy and understand it before commencing your testing. A test plan is vital to performing disciplined and organized testing, as it lets you keep track of the test you need to execute.

Testing With the Same Type of Data

If the tests need to be done with different data types, you should try to ensure they are as diverse as possible in terms of attributes. When trying to detect new problems with the product, there is no added value in repeating the same test types and input test data. 

To check if the product will behave as they were designed to when used by the customer, you need to consider testing it with different data types.

Choosing the Wrong Automation Tool

 Several tools are available but choosing the best tool for your needs is not as easy as it might seem. Some beginners use Open-Source test tools because of the lack of an associated cost, but if these test tools do not meet the standards, productivity costs could increase.

You can always change to a different mechanism at a later stage. If you choose an open-source tool, you should check and verify ‘the help it offers in its communities and forums.

Lack of Continuous Testing

First-time users usually ignore necessary continuous testing because they think integrating the automated test system with the software may not be required. After all, the product has already been built. 

You can program the test automation system to run tests independently at certain times. Integrating the tests with the software ensures that the system is instantly validated whenever changes get made in the code repository. 

Relying Solely on Test Automation

Test Automation has proven to give more precise and quicker results when compared to manual testing. Even though it’s decidedly better, it helps to be thorough by subjecting products and your workflow through manual testing from time to time. 

This is because test automation might not detect all the problems present. Test automation is efficient regarding software testing but combining this with manual testing is best.

In summary, the list of mistakes that can be made while testing software is endless. It is almost inevitable, but it’s essential to learn from these mistakes to deliver excellent products with the capacity to handle what they were built and programmed to do.

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