Making Use of Edge Computing (Part 1): 6 Industries Who Serve to Gain the Most from Moving to the Edge
October 18, 2023

After years in existence, the kinks of edge computing have been ironed out. Considered to be the next logical step after cloud computing, firms are taking advantage of edge computing’s ability to bring processing power closer to the request, avoiding latency issues while providing security and scalability needed for growth.

Planning for the Next Era of Computing

As a still-emerging technology, leaders and decision makers may still be asking how it can help them. After all, the cloud still can deliver functionality with minimal latency for the time being, and many companies just made this jump in 2020.

But as we’ve mentioned above and discussed in recent blogs, this is only for the time being. The world is primed for an immense and rapid “data explosion” in which rapid increase in users and adoption of IoT devices will cause a traffic jam and limit the benefits of centralized processing power in the cloud.

Therefore, it pays to ask what your company intends to process in the cloud and discuss how a move to edge computing can help you keep up with others in your industry. That’s why we’re talking today about the most edge computing-friendly industries, answering the question, “who serves to gain the most from an edge computing initiative?”

Who Serves to Gain?

Nearly every company can benefit from moving their processing power to the edge. However, some might find themselves pushed into using this computing method earlier than others. From a need for instant, secure, and limitless data processing to finding yourself able to outcompete others, here are just some of the industries that are looking to make the move.


As factories become more and more automated, manufacturing leaders will find themselves as significant contributors to the data explosion. Internet of Things devices will need real time information, and to support these vast networks of devices, an edge architecture can deliver.

Whether it’s to power AI, keep track of maintenance, or collect data, bringing the processing back to the source will help manufacturers to work more confidently.


Security is the name of the game in healthcare, and with more disconnected users relying on fitness trackers, smartwatches, blood glucose monitors, and other connected devices, healthcare leaders are likely to be among the first to embrace the edge. Not only will this help health systems to collect data efficiently and securely, it will support users if a centralized system goes offline and help doctors to provide better care both remotely and in a hospital environment.


Driverless cars can’t have latency issues. An autonomous car, bus, or truck needs to be able to identify its surroundings, recognize hazards, and calculate courses of action as fast as a human. That’s why the transportation industry not only serves to benefit—it needs the edge.

But it’s not just safety on the road, edge computing will benefit the consumer. Personalized playlists, improved security, predictive maintenance, and more will all contribute to a better experience in the automotive and transportation industry.


Farms are getting more and more intelligent by the day. What started as improvements to seeds has moved into the technology space, and edge computing will be able to help farmers get more from their crops. Sensors will be available for everything from soil to machinery, and devices will need to operate locally—it’s hard to transmit data to a centralized processing location.

Smart Cities and Energy Grids

Cities are becoming smarter, energy grids have taken processing to the local level, and both will need local processing to succeed. Therefore, edge computing can help to monitor power usage, prevent outages, and work with smart vehicles to facilitate transportation.


Forrester maintains that the future of 5G “will speed up the transformation of the retail sector by technology building blocks for frictionless end-to-end experiences,” through enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communications, and low-latency communications. Retailers serve to benefit from customer data, which can help them to improve merchandising, analyze foot traffic, and provide a better experience for shoppers.

That said, it’s another industry that will need this in real time who would be hampered by latency issues. Therefore, edge computing will offer speed and security to the shopping experience.

Advancing to the Edge with Virtually

Nearly every industry serves to gain from an edge adoption. Distributors can find themselves with improved warehouse operations. Telecom providers can deliver better service. Financial services can offer smarter and faster ATMs. The opportunities for fast, secure, and scalable edge computing are seemingly endless.

At Virtually Managed IT Solutions, we specialize in getting companies to the Edge. Delivering support, expertise, and insights for digital transformation, our team works with you to get your company up and running. Get to know more about us, our services, and our partners—and be sure to contact us to learn more.

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