Five Reasons Why Your Website May Be Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks
October 18, 2023

Most of the work involved in getting a website done is writing the code and programming the software. Protecting the website from cyber-attacks and hackers and putting a security system in place is also crucial to the website’s longevity.

Various security systems and plans are available to the public; some are free, while others are monetized. It is important to note that many free security systems may not work as efficiently as paid security systems. This is because they lack specific specialized tools that protect your website from attacks and can sometimes contain bugs. 

What Does Software Vulnerability Mean?

Software vulnerabilities are flaws or holes that you can find in a code. These flaws can affect your software’s security and performance. They can give bugs access to your website and your data. 

Automated and manual code testing cannot find vulnerabilities every time, so the best way to prevent your website from being vulnerable is to strictly follow secure coding and security standards that test your product as often as possible. 

5 Reasons Why Your Website May Be Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks 

Using outdated tools: Many software developers employ ancient system architectures, which can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is essential to stay up to speed with modern patches and system updates to ensure you’re not out in the open to be attacked by malware. 

Unchecked use of third-party software: When you frequently use and give access to third-party software, your website instantly becomes at risk. Many people use third-party software to store their data and records, hoping it is safe for them, but they do not know if this software has vulnerabilities, which can create a gateway for attackers to reach their websites. 

Poor security configuration: Poor security configuration occurs when the website developer has left important data exposed for anybody to access freely. This can happen when the developer fails to code securely. 

Broken Authentication: Authentication can become broken when hackers have access to and compromise sensitive data such as passwords, user log-in and account information, financial information, and other critical personal data. The most efficient way to bypass broken authentication vulnerabilities is to put frameworks (Multi-Factor Authentication, control length of user sessions, don’t permit weak passwords, implement Breached Password Protection) in place. 

Using code that has not been vetted for security purposes: It is important to note that before you integrate any code written by another developer in your program, you need to conduct sufficient research. This will help you evaluate the source to ensure you don’t introduce any vulnerabilities from the code into your website

In conclusion, it is crucial for you as a developer to ensure that your website’s security is top-notch. Hackers will always try to find a way to gain access and find the flaws in your program, and you cannot stop that from happening. That’s why you need to set up the proper standards or allow professionals like us to handle your website security.

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