Five Best Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses
October 18, 2023

Many small business owners, while creating budgets to ensure the smooth running of their businesses, forget the need to get a strong defense against cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are surprisingly more common than people know. 

Big corporations aren’t the only ones suffering from these threats. According to the Better Business Bureau, approximately 22% of small businesses are targeted in cyber-attacks. 

Common Threats That Small Businesses Face 

Small businesses are easy targets for hackers because of the little or no defense system they might have in place. Below are some vulnerabilities that can pose a threat to your small business.

Malware threats: Malware, also called malicious software, is programmed to cause damage to a computer system, server, client, or network. Malware includes viruses which are programs that spread from computer to computer, giving the creator access to the victim’s systems. 

Phishing is a malicious attack where hackers use emails or a malicious website to infect a network or computer system with malware or collect sensitive data. Users are deceived into clicking on a link or opening an attachment containing a destructive code engineered to infect the computer with malware. 

Injection vulnerabilities: Injection is one of the oldest cyber threats ever to exist, which is rampant and incredibly damaging. Injection happens when a hacker programs malicious code into a web application, infecting a system when it is processed. A prevalent type of malware attack is SQL injection (SQLi) which allows a hacker to interfere with the queries an application sends to its database. 

5 Best Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses 

 1. Always have a backup: Cybersecurity experts advise that you back up your data consistently. Do not store everything on a single device. You should use an external device for backup, cloud storage, or both. 

2. Educate your employees: It is not enough that you are educated on the advantages of a robust cyber security system; ensure your employees know the importance of strictly following cyber security rules and regulations. This will guarantee you’re protected even when you’re not there to oversee everything. 

3. Antivirus: An antivirus is a vital defense system, and you can’t afford to run your business without it. All your devices connected to the internet are at risk and ensuring that you have installed the latest antivirus protection software on all your devices will keep you safe from malicious attacks. 

4. Strong passwords: Ensure all employees have strong passwords on their devices. Strong passwords are usually a mix of numbers and words with different cases. To be extra safe, put in a policy to change passwords multiple times a year. 

5. Avoid free security software: There is a lot of free security software on the internet that promises protection and other necessary services. Some are good enough, but many are unreliable or contain malware. Strong security costs money, and it is always worth whatever cost is involved in the end. 

Always take your time to seek out suitable and reliable security software. Virtually Managed IT solutions can provide a secure system to protect you against malware and cyber-attacks. We offer next-generation cyber security services, and you will never regret choosing us. 

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